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‘Congress does not believe in Supreme Court, Election Commission…’: BJP’s Pralhad Joshi

Following Rahul Gandhi, the Congress MP, calling the exit polls “Modi media polls” that showed the BJP-led NDA gaining a majority to form government for a third term, Union Minister Pralhad Joshi stated that the Congress party does not believe in national institutions such as the Supreme Court and the Election Commission, and does not even believe in itself, which is why people do not believe them.

“The problem with the Congress party is that they do not believe in the Supreme Court, they do not believe in the Election Commission, the CAG, in the Parliament. Who do they believe in? They don’t even believe in themselves, and this is why the people also don’t believe in them. They do not even believe in the EVMs,” Joshi said speaking to ANI on Sunday.

Further taking another dig at the Congress the Union Minister said that the Congress has a “manufacturing defect” and blames the poll body, EVMs and the media when they lose in elections.

“The Congress party has a manufacturing defect that when the defeat they blame the EVM, Election Commission, the media. When they win they show the strength of the fake Gandhi family. This is basically a manufacturing defeat of the Congress,” Joshi said.

The senior BJP leader said that Rahul Gandhi, who believes that the INDIA bloc is set to win 295 seats in the Lok Sabha polls should be allowed to stay happy for at least two days till the results of the Lok Sabha polls are declared.

“Let him (Rahul Gandhi) be happy for at least two days. Why are you trying to break his happiness? People have already decided,” Joshi said.

Rahul Gandhi on Sunday referred to Punjabi singer Siddhu Moosewala’s ‘295 track’ to reply to the number of seats the INDIA bloc will win in the Lok Sabha polls.

While in conversation with reporters in Delhi, on being asked about the number of seats the INDIA bloc would win in the Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi jokingly replied, “Sidhu Moose Wala ka song suna hai aapne?” (Have you heard Sidhu Moose Wala’s song) referring to “295”; he replied 295 seats.

Further, speaking on the exit polls, the Congress leader said, “It is not exit poll, it is Modi media poll. It is his fantasy poll.”

According to India Today-Axis My India exit polls, NDA is predicted to win 361-401 seats in the Lok Sabha polls. The INDIA bloc is expected to win 131-166 seats, it said and gave 8 to 20 seats to other parties.

The Republic PMarq exit poll gave 359 of 543 seats to NDA, 154 to INDIA bloc and 30 to others. Republic Matrize poll gave 353-368 seats to NDA, 118-113 to the INDIA bloc and 43-48 to others. The NewsX Dynamics gave 371 seats to NDA, 125 to INDIA bloc and 47 to others.

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