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Coal production rises 11% in Nov

The Ministry of Coal has recorded a remarkable surge in overall Coal production during the month of November 2023, reaching 84.53 MT (Provisional), surpassing the figures of 76.14 MT, of the corresponding month in previous year, representing an increase of 11.03%.

The production of Coal India Limited (CIL) has risen to 65.97 MT (Provisional), in the month of November 2023 as compared to 60.67 MT in November 2022 with the growth of 8.74%. The Cumulative Coal Production (up to November 2023) has seen quantum jump to 591.28 MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24 as compared to 524.53 MT during the same period in FY’ 22-23 with a growth of 12.73%.

Additionally, Coal dispatch witnessed a significant boost in November 2023, reaching an impressive 81.63 MT (Provisional), showcasing notable progress compared to the 74.87 MT (Provisional) recorded in November 2022, with a growth rate of 9.02 %. At the same time, Coal India Limited (CIL) dispatch demonstrated outstanding performance, reaching 62.26 MT (Provisional) in November 2023, compared to 59.91 MT in November 2022, representing a growth of 3.92%. The Cumulative Coal Dispatch (up to November 2023) has seen significant jump to 623.04 MT (Provisional) in FY’ 23-24 as compared to 557.80 MT during the corresponding period in FY’ 22-23 with a growth of 11.70%.

The coal sector has experienced an extraordinary upturn, marked by significant increases in coal production, dispatch, and stock levels. This remarkable growth is credited to the steadfast commitment of Coal PSUs, playing a pivotal role in propelling this exceptional progress. This reiterates the commitment of Ministry of Coal to ensure uninterrupted power supply and aligns with the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bhara

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