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China Sends 103 Warplanes Near Taiwan, Denies Median Line Existence

Taiwan has called on China to cease its “destructive unilateral actions” after more than 100 Chinese warplanes and nine navy ships were detected in the vicinity of the self-ruled island. Beijing maintains territorial claims over Taiwan and has been applying increased diplomatic and military pressure on Taipei in recent years.

Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that between the morning of September 17 and 18, they detected a total of 103 Chinese planes, marking a “recent high.” The ministry expressed concern, stating that these activities “posed severe challenges to the security across the Taiwan Strait and in the region.”

Taipei called on China to “immediately stop such destructive unilateral actions,” emphasizing that China’s ongoing military provocations could escalate tensions and worsen regional security.

Among the 103 warplanes detected, 40 crossed the so-called median line of the Taiwan Strait, entering the island’s southwest and southeast air defense identification zones (ADIZ), according to the statement.

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, reaffirmed Beijing’s stance that Taiwan is an integral part of China and denied the existence of the median line.

This development follows an increase in incursions by Chinese warplanes and ships in the region in recent weeks. Beijing announced that its troops were on “high alert” after two vessels from the United States and Canada transited through the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan’s defense ministry reported that 68 Chinese aircraft and 10 naval vessels were detected around the island during a period from Wednesday morning to Thursday morning. Some of these were heading towards the Western Pacific for joint training with China’s Shandong aircraft carrier.

China’s recent military activities in the region are seen by analysts as a response to US influence in the Asia-Pacific. China has been conducting military exercises with regional allies, possibly as a countermeasure to what it perceives as containment efforts led by the United States.

China’s state tabloid, the Global Times, stated on the Weibo social media platform that Taiwan is a “sacred and inalienable part of China” and that the People’s Liberation Army’s training activities are essential to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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