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Chief Justice Of India’s Appeal To Voters For 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud has urged citizens not to miss the opportunity to vote in the general elections, saying that it is the “foremost duties” in a constitutional democracy.

In a video message for the Election Commission’s ‘My Vote My Voice’ mission for the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, Justice Chandrachud said, “We are citizens of the world’s largest democracy, which is our country.”

“The Constitution gives us a multitude of rights as citizens but it also expects that each of us performs the duty, which is cast upon us. And one of the foremost duties of citizenship is to cast a vote in a constitutional democracy,” he said.

“I will request every one of you please do not miss this opportunity to vote responsibly as citizens of our great motherland. Five minutes, every five years for our nation. It’s doable, isn’t it? Let’s vote with pride. My vote, my voice,” the CJI said.

Justice Chandrachud said the citizens have a participatory role in electing the government and that is why it is said that “this government is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

He recalled his excitement as the first time voter and queuing up at the polling booth to exercise the franchise.

“The ink on the finger when I vote allows tremendous feelings of patriotism and association with the nation…,” he said.

“So our Constitution and our law provides for one citizen, one vote and one value. I think that’s the great tenacity and the power of our nation as a constitutional democracy,” he said.

The CJI said he never missed that duty to cast his vote when he was a lawyer and had to run around for work.

The Lok Sabha elections will be held from April 19 to June 1, 2024 to elect the 543 members of the 18th Lok Sabha.

The elections will be held in seven phases and the results will be announced on June 4. 2024.

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(Source: NDTV)

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