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Cher Files for Conservatorship Over Son Amid Drug Abuse Struggles

American singer Cher has taken legal steps to become the temporary conservator of her son Elijah Blue Allman’s estate, citing concerns about his ability to manage financial resources due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues. Elijah, the son of Cher and the late musician Gregg Allman, has been thrust into the spotlight as his mother seeks legal control over his affairs.

Cher, 77, submitted a conservatorship petition outlining her worries about Elijah’s well-being. According to documents obtained by Fox News Digital, Cher expressed concern that any funds distributed to Elijah from a trust established by his late father would be spent on drugs, jeopardizing his life.

The singer’s petition also highlighted her efforts to secure treatment for Elijah, stating that two of his siblings nominated her as the conservator. The documents alleged that Elijah’s estranged wife, Marie Angela King, is not supportive of his recovery and actively works against his efforts to get clean and sober.

Cher’s petition claimed that Angela took steps to check Elijah out of a treatment center, emphasizing that due to their ongoing dissolution proceedings, Angela is not entitled to be the conservator unless clear and convincing evidence shows it to be in Elijah’s best interest. Fox News reported that Elijah filed for divorce from King in November 2021, with her counter-filing one year later.

The legal move by Cher sheds light on the challenges faced by the Allman family amid Elijah’s struggles, marking a public acknowledgment of the impact of mental health and substance abuse within the iconic singer’s household. The court’s decision on the conservatorship will likely be a pivotal moment in determining Elijah’s path to recovery and stability.

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