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Chef Vishnu Manohar Prepares Massive 7,000 Kg ‘Ram Halwa’ for Ram Temple Ceremony

Nagpur-based chef Vishnu Manohar is set to make culinary history by preparing a colossal 7,000 kg of ‘Suji ka Halwa’ for the consecration ceremony at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22. The renowned chef, known for his culinary feats, plans to use a specially crafted cauldron (kadhai) with an impressive 12,000-liter capacity.

The unique kadhai, weighing 1300 to 1400 kg and made of steel with an iron central part to prevent burning during halwa preparation, will be transported from Nagpur to Ayodhya. To handle the massive quantity of halwa, a crane will be required to lift the kadhai. The spatula, weighing 10 to 12 kg, is designed with holes for efficient cooking.

Chef Vishnu Manohar, who has previously set multiple records, including entering the Book of World Records, expressed his enthusiasm for this culinary endeavor. In 2022, he earned his 12th entry by preparing 75 dishes from 75 varieties of rice, totaling 375 kg of rice delicacies in 285 minutes.

For the preparation of the ‘Ram Halwa,’ Chef Manohar disclosed the ingredients, including 900 kg of suji, 1000 kg of ghee, 1000 kg of sugar, 1500-2000 liters of milk, 2000-2500 liters of water, 75 kg of cardamom powder, and 300 kg of almonds and raisins. The large-scale cooking process aims to provide prasad for Ram Lala and distribute it to approximately 1.5 lakh people after the consecration ceremony.

Through this culinary event, Chef Manohar aspires to set a new world record in collaboration with the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. The preparation of 7,000 kg of ‘Ram Halwa’ not only showcases culinary prowess but also contributes to the auspiciousness of the historic occasion in Ayodhya.

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