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CBSE Uses AI and Data Analysis to Combat Dummy Schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has de-affiliated 20 schools and downgraded three schools after identifying malpractices and non-compliance with affiliation and examination guidelines. The CBSE is using AI and data analysis to identify schools that are not following these guidelines.

This year, the CBSE conducted inspections across the schools, which revealed the rise of dummy schools where fictitious students were admitted to inflate performance metrics. Some schools admitted ineligible candidates, had poor infrastructure, lacked proper student records, and teachers were not on the payroll.

The CBSE has introduced AI tools to analyze school data to control discrepancies during board exams. The tools help identify schools registering dummy students and the difference between the number of students in classes X and XII will help identify and pinpoint malpractices in these schools. The next round of inspection is expected to be more accurate as AI tools will help control unethical activities in schools.

Dummy schools have gained momentum after the advent of the Central University Entrance Test (CUET), JEE, and NEET. The rapid increase in the number of dummy schools has become a significant concern. The CBSE affiliation guidelines state that any affiliated school must register only those candidates in the board examinations who are bona fide students at the school and with valid attendance records.

A 70-member team conducted the inspections in December 2022, and the schools were given show-cause notices. The CBSE will conduct more such inspections in the future and take stern action if they find any functional dummy schools. The CBSE will ensure the interests of students at affected schools are safeguarded by registering them in nearby schools and providing other opportunities.

The school curriculum and syllabus prescribed for entrance exams have a wide gap, leading students to seek coaching. The rationalization of the syllabus has led to a learning gap, leading to the mushrooming of coaching centers. The CBSE move will create awareness among parents who decide for their students and take strict action against all dummy schools encouraging unethical practices.

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(Source: Education Times)

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