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CBSE office to soon open in Dubai: PM Modi at ‘Ahlan Modi’ event 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the opening of a new Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) office in Dubai, demonstrating his commitment to provide high-quality education in the UAE.

Speaking at the ‘Ahlan Modi’ diaspora event in Abu Dhabi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized significant progress in the education sector, stating that “more than 1.5 lakh Indian students are studying in UAE schools…” The master’s program began last month at the IIT Delhi campus, and a new CBSE office will open soon in Dubai. These institutes will assist in giving the greatest education to the Indian people here.”

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the cultural linkages between India and the UAE, praising common linguistic connections and lauding the achievements of both nations as exemplary on the global stage.

“In terms of community and culture, the achievements of Bharat and UAE serve as a model for the world to emulate. There is a close proximity in the languages of Bharat and UAE as well,” PM Modi adds.

Apart from educational endeavours, PM Modi emphasized India’s worldwide acclaim for its large-scale infrastructure projects, dynamic tourism industry, and prowess in sports.

“India is being recognised as a vibrant tourist destination. India is being recognised as a big sports power. You will be proud to hear this. You know the digital revolution in India. Digital India is appreciated across the world. To ensure that people in the UAE also get its benefit, we are making all efforts. We shared the RuPay card pack with the UAE…UPI is about to begin in the UAE soon. With this, seamless payments will be possible between the UAE and Indian accounts,” says Modi, as reported by ANI.

Furthermore, PM Modi met with the inaugural cohort of students from the IIT Delhi-Abu Dhabi Campus, praising the project’s role in encouraging collaboration between Indian and UAE youth. PM Modi stated that this effort not only marks a new chapter in bilateral cooperation between the two countries, but it also brings together the young of both nations.

In February 2022, the Presidents of India and the UAE agreed to create an Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi campus in the UAE.

“The project is a collaboration between the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) and Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and aims to provide quality higher education opportunities to students globally,” the MEA said in a statement.

It would also encourage collaboration between the two countries in the fields of next-generation technology, research, and innovation. The initial academic program, a Masters in Energy Transition and Sustainability, began in January, according to the announcement. Prime Minister Modi is slated to inaugurate BAPS Mandir, Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple tomorrow.

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