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Cabinet Approves Minimum Support Prices (MSP)

The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi today approved the increase in the Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for all mandated Kharif Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25.

Government has increased the MSP of Kharif Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25, to ensure remunerative prices to the growers for their produce. The highest absolute increase in MSP over the previous year has been recommended for oilseeds and pulses viz. nigerseed (Rs.983/- per quintal) followed by sesamum (Rs.632/- per quintal) and tur/arhar (Rs.550/- per quintal).

*Refers to cost which includes all paid out costs such as those incurred on account of hired human labour, bullock labour/machine labour, rent paid for leased in land, expenses incurred on use of material inputs like seeds, fertilizers, manures, irrigation charges, depreciation on implements and farm buildings, interest on working capital, diesel/electricity for operation of pump sets etc., miscellaneous expenses and imputed value of family labour.

A Cost data are not separately compiled for Paddy (Grade A), Jowar (Maldandi) and Cotton (Long staple)

The increase in MSP for Kharif Crops for Marketing Season 2024-25 is in line with the Union Budget 2018-19 announcement of fixing the MSP at a level of at least 1.5 times of the All-India weighted average cost of production, The expected margin to farmers over their cost of production are estimated to be highest in case of bajra (77%) followed by tur (59%), maize (54%) and urad (52%). For rest of the crops, margin to farmers over their cost of production is estimated to be at 50%.

In the recent years, Government has been promoting the cultivation of crops, other than cereals such as pulses and oilseeds, and Nutri-cereals/ Shree Anna, by offering a higher MSP for these crops.

During the period 2003-04 to 2013-14 for 14 crops covered under Kharif Marketing Season, the minimum absolute increase in MSP was Rs.745/- per quintal for Bajra and maximum absolute increase was Rs.3,130/- per quintal for Moong while during the period 2013-14 to 2023-24, the minimum absolute increase in MSP was Rs.780/- per quintal for Maize and maximum absolute increase was Rs.4,234/- per quintal for Nigerseed. Details are at Annexure-I.

During the period 2004-05 to 2013-14, the procurement of 14 crops covered under Kharif Marketing Season was 4,675.98 Lakhs Metric Ton (LMT) while during the period 2014-15 to 2023-24, procurement of these crops was 7,108.65 LMT. The year-wise details are at Annexure-II.

As per the 3rd Advance Estimates of production for 2023-24, total foodgrain production in the country is estimated at 3288.6 Lakhs Metric Ton (LMT), and oilseeds production is touching 395.9 LMT. During 2023-24, kharif production of rice, pulses, oilseeds and nutri-cereals/Shree Anna and cotton is estimated to be 1143.7 LMT, 68.6 LMT, 241.2 LMT, 130.3 LMT and 325.2 Lakh bales, respectively.

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