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Byju’s Founder Pledges Personal Residence Amidst Company Crisis

Byju’s, the formerly prosperous edtech behemoth established by Byju Ravindran, has recently become enmeshed in a web of financial difficulties. The situation has apparently deteriorated to the point that Ravindran has put two of his Bangalore homes as security for a $12 million loan. This action follows the company’s apparent liquidity difficulties, with sources claiming that the loan was used to pay the salaries of 5,000 employees.

Byju Ravindran’s net worth was $3.6 billion as of July last year, giving him a coveted position on Forbes’ billionaires list. However, due to the dramatic change of events, he has been forced to resort to extreme measures in order to keep the firm afloat, such as pledging shares and selling holdings in the company, raising around $400 million and $800 million, respectively.

Byju’s financial difficulties go beyond its founder’s personal problems. The corporation is also dealing with legal challenges, which complicates its recovery chances. A lawsuit by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is one of the key legal fights Byju’s is now facing. TThe BCCI alleges that Byju’s defaulted on payments amounting to around 158 crore rupees, roughly equivalent to $18 million.

This conflict stems from Byju’s branding agreement with the BCCI, which included sponsorship of the Indian cricket team’s jersey’s. The agreement, which was signed in 2019, was supposed to last until the end of 2023. However, due to budgetary difficulties, Byju’s unexpectedly backed out last year, leaving the BCCI to seek last-minute replacements. The complaint, which has now been filed with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), highlights Byju’s financial challenges.

In response to the legal challenges, Byju’s has stated its determination to address the matter quietly with the BCCI. The company looks to be devoted to paying its debts and reestablishing commercial ties, both of which are critical to its long-term survival.

In addition to the BCCI action, Byju is embroiled in two other legal disputes.

Byju’s received a notice from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleging that the firm had violated India’s foreign exchange regulations, which could have resulted in penalties surpassing 9,000 crore rupees. Simultaneously, the corporation confronts a massive issue in repaying $1.2 billion to overseas lenders who have started legal action owing to interest non-payment.

To address its massive debt, Byju’s signed an agreement with lenders in September, guaranteeing complete payback within six months, with a $300 million initial tranche due in December. This ambitious strategy entails selling critical assets such as the Epic and Great Learning reading platforms in order to raise roughly $1 billion.

However, Byju’s road to recovery remains uncertain. The corporation is in a perilous situation, reminiscent of the old cautionary story of Icarus – developing too quickly, incurring tremendous debt, and endangering all by flying too near to the sun. With the AGM slated on December 20th, stakeholders are eager to learn more about Byju’s come back strategy.

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Source: Firstpost

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