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Breaking News! Car Crashes into Joe Biden’s Convoy, President Safely Evacuated

A security incident unfolded on Sunday as a car crashed into a Secret Service vehicle within Joe Biden’s motorcade, causing a moment of alarm for the US president. The incident occurred as Biden was leaving his campaign headquarters in Delaware.

The security scare transpired with a loud bang when a sedan collided with an SUV positioned at an intersection about 130 feet (40 meters) from Biden. In response, security personnel swiftly moved the president into a waiting vehicle, and he was quickly whisked away from the downtown Wilmington building.

A White House official assured that both the president and First Lady Jill Biden were unharmed. “Both the president and first lady are fine,” stated a White House official to an AFP reporter who witnessed the incident.

The Secret Service provided details on the incident, with Special Agent Steve Kopek stating, “Today, at approximately 8:09 pm (0109 GMT), a Secret Service vehicle securing the president’s motorcade route was struck by another vehicle in Wilmington.” He clarified that there was no protective interest associated with the event, and the president’s motorcade departed without further incident.

Reporters who had gathered outside the campaign offices, where the president and First Lady had dinner with staff, witnessed the crash moments after shouting questions to Biden. The president appeared surprised as agents swiftly surrounded the silver car with Delaware license plates. The driver, who had his hands raised, was quickly detained by security personnel.

As the situation unfolded, reporters were promptly instructed to join the motorcade, with a staffer urging, “They’re evacuating, you guys gotta go,” while security personnel secured the area.

Joe Biden arrived safely at his family home without any additional incidents, bringing an end to the security scare. The incident highlights the challenges and risks associated with presidential security, even during routine movements within the country.

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