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Boris Johnson Set to Offer “Unreserved Apology” at Covid Public Inquiry

In the upcoming Covid public inquiry, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is anticipated to issue an “unreserved apology” for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, reported the Times. The extensive evidence, spanning over 200 pages, will outline key points about Johnson’s decision-making during the pandemic.

According to the Times, Johnson acknowledges making some mistakes but contends that all three UK lockdowns were implemented at the right time. He asserts that his decisions ultimately saved lives by preventing health services from being overwhelmed.

The report mentions that references to Rishi Sunak, who served as the UK Chancellor during the pandemic, will be largely absent from Johnson’s written testimony. While the UK received praise for its swift vaccine rollout, challenges arose in testing, tracing, and the capacity of the National Health Service (NHS) compared to European counterparts.

The Covid inquiry, initiated by Johnson while still in power, takes place against a backdrop of public anger over alleged gatherings in Downing Street during lockdowns. Both Johnson and Sunak faced criticism and received police fines for violating pandemic rules at one such event.

Johnson is expected to address the “Partygate” scandal during the inquiry, asserting that it had no “material impact on observance of the rules or guidance at the time.” He will also deny claims that he was not fully engaged during the early stages of the Covid crisis.

Having battled Covid himself in April 2020 and spending three nights in intensive care, Johnson, in a post-discharge video, expressed gratitude to the NHS, stating that they had “saved my life, no question.” The inquiry will shed light on the decisions and actions taken by the UK government during a critical period in the global fight against the pandemic.

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