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Bihar Government to Launch ‘Mission Daksh’ for Academically Weak Students

The Bihar government is going to launch a program in December for roughly 25 lakh youngsters who are falling far behind their peers in school, with some still unable to read simple Hindi words after having completed upper elementary school, officials said on Thursday.

As part of the ‘Mission Daksh’ campaign, the state Education Department has urged instructors to extensively mentor such children in groups of no more than five, with the “warning” that any laxity will result in action.

Additional Chief Secretary of Education KK Pathak wrote to all the district magistrates (DMs) on November 21, requesting them to supervise the progress of the programme in their areas on a daily basis from December 1. District-wise monitoring committees, headed by DMs, would be formed for the effective execution of ‘Mission Daksh’, it said.

During the regular inspection and monitoring by the DMs that started in July, it was found that there is a considerable number of academically weak students in almost all state-run schools, the letter said.

“Keeping this in mind, the department has decided to launch ‘Mission Daksh’ from December 1 in all government schools across the state to improve the academic performances of such students,” it said.

“Academically weak students are much behind their peers in schools… some of them are incapable of reading simple Hindi words properly despite having reached upper primary classes,” it added.

Pathak directed that such students be identified as soon as possible.

“After that, the principals will ask teachers to conduct extra classes (post-lunch) with not more than five children at a time. Such students often need individualised attention in order to fully grasp difficult concepts and bridge the learning gaps. This targeted approach will also allow teachers to personalise their teaching methods in a way that suits the unique needs of each weak student,” he said in the letter.

“All 25 lakh (approximately) such (academically weak) students will appear in their final examinations in April, 2024. If these students fail in their final examinations, strict departmental action will be initiated against their headmasters/ principals and teachers by the Education Department,” he said.

Over the last year, the Nitish Kumar government has implemented a number of resilient steps to enhance the state’s education standards.

Pathak instructed district education officials (DEOs) in September to communicate with parents of students whose attendance is less than 50% and to take remedial measures.

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Source: The Indian Express

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