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Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 Facing Early End Due to Rapid Eliminations

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 has stirred up talks of an early conclusion as eliminations are happening at a rapid pace. The show started with a bang on Colors, but rumors suggest it might end sooner than expected.

Recently, another contestant bid farewell from this reality show, sparking various discussions on social media.

It is said that the makers might be disappointed with the show’s average popularity and performances, prompting them to consider wrapping it up sooner. Within just ten days of starting, the show has seen three consecutive eliminations, hinting that Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 could end sooner than anticipated.

This season, actor Anil Kapoor is hosting instead of Salman Khan. Sixteen contestants are part of the show, with three already evicted within the first few weeks. After Neeraj Goyal, Payal Malik, and Polomi Das left, preparations are reportedly underway to evict another housemate this week.

Currently, only twelve contestants remain in the house, with everyone feeling the pressure of potential elimination hanging over their heads. The atmosphere among the remaining contestants is tense, and compared to the previous seasons, this one hasn’t quite captured the same level of popularity.

Fans are reminiscing about the excitement brought by wildcard entries in previous seasons, like Elvish Yadav’s memorable stint. Whether Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 will pick up momentum or face an early curtain call remains to be seen.

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