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Bigg Boss 17: Orry’s Hilarious Reply Leaves Salman Khan in Splits

In the latest promo of Bigg Boss 17, Salman Khan couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he quizzed wildcard contestant Orry about his profession. The amusing exchange between the two took place when Salman inquired, “Orry karta kya hai?” (What does Orry do?). Orry, known for his comedic timing, responded with a witty twist that left Salman amused.

In the promo shared by Colors TV on social media, Orry rolled his eyes and humorously stated, “Bahut kaam karta hai… suraj ke saath uthta hai. Chaand ke saath sota hai” (He does a lot of work… wakes up with the sun and sleeps with the moon). Salman, enjoying the banter, then reminded Orry of his wildcard entry, to which Orry quipped, “Wild banne ke liye hi toh jaayega na. Party karne jayega” (I’ll go there to become wild. I’ll go and party).

The laughter continued as Orry humorously expressed that he couldn’t “figuratively see anything” and inadvertently referred to himself as ‘anda’ (egg) instead of ‘andha’ (blind), leaving Salman in stitches.

Earlier, Orry had shared selfies with Salman Khan on his Instagram, creating buzz as he joined Bigg Boss 17 as a wildcard contestant. The lighthearted moments between Orry and Salman add an entertaining element to the reality show, promising viewers a dose of laughter amid the drama.

Orry, who used to be schoolmates with Bollywood’s affluent kids, has quickly become a notable figure on the show. His humorous interactions and unique personality have garnered attention, making him a wildcard entry to watch out for in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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