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Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande’s Fans Urge Her to Stay Despite Positive Pregnancy Test

Ankita Lokhande, a participant in Bigg Boss 17, is causing a stir with revelations about a potential pregnancy and accusations against her husband, Vicky Jain. Fans are eagerly anticipating the results of Ankita’s pregnancy test, and many are urging her to continue participating in the show even if the test turns out positive.

Ankita Lokhande’s Bigg Boss Journey

  • Show Drama: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain entered the Bigg Boss house with high drama surrounding their wedding. Ankita has been vocal about feeling unsupported by her husband.
  • Pregnancy Test: Ankita, experiencing mood swings and unusual food cravings, disclosed her desire to take a pregnancy test in the house due to missed periods.

Fan Reactions and Requests

  • Supportive Fans: Some fans are encouraging Ankita to stay in the Bigg Boss house even if the pregnancy test is positive. They believe it would set an example that pregnancy shouldn’t be a hindrance for women.

Salman Khan’s Involvement

  • Promo Teaser: In a recent promo teaser, Salman Khan becomes Ankita’s guide, advising her to play her own game while acknowledging that Vicky is playing his. The teaser raises questions about whether Ankita will choose to stay or leave the house.

Unique Situation in Bigg Boss History

  • Historic Moment: If Ankita is indeed pregnant, it would be a historic moment as it’s the first time in Bigg Boss history that a contestant takes a pregnancy test within the house.
  • Contract Implications: The outcome could also lead to changes in the Bigg Boss contract clause, considering the unique situation.

Falaq Naaz’s Allegations

  • Accusations: Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Falaq Naaz has accused Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain of being fake and claims they have mastered the game.
  • Awaiting Results: Fans are eagerly awaiting Ankita’s pregnancy test results and are curious to see the decision she will make regarding her participation in the show.

As the suspense builds, Ankita Lokhande’s journey in Bigg Boss 17 takes an unprecedented turn, leaving viewers intrigued about the unfolding events inside the house.

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