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Big Boss OTT3: Kritika Malik Explains Why She Avoided Wearing Low Neckline Blazer

In Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, the atmosphere in the house has changed significantly after Payal Malik revealed Vishal Pandey’s inappropriate comments about Kritika Malik. This revelation has caused shifts in alliances and relationships, leading to tension and discomfort among the contestants.

The dynamics among the contestants are always changing. After the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, the house has split into distinct groups. Payal Malik’s revelation about Vishal Pandey’s comments has greatly affected the relationships and alliances within the house.

Kritika, who used to enjoy sitting with Lovekesh Kataria and Vishal Pandey, has started keeping her distance from them after the incident. Chandrika Dixit, also known as the viral vada pav girl, has come out in full support of Kritika.

This revelation has made the house more tense and uncomfortable as contestants reassess their alliances and relationships, leading to a new wave of drama and conflict in Bigg Boss OTT Season 3.

In the latest episode, Kritika told Chandrika that she avoided wearing a low neckline dress due to the house’s situation.

In the episode Kritika and Chandrika are talking where she  mentioned, “Jab tu itne bade platform par aake uske kaan mein bol sakta 

hai, toh tu bahar kaisa insaan hoga? Tu ek bhai behan ek dost ke rishte ko kharab kar raha hai bhai” Chandrika adds, “Maine Shivani ko tabhi toh woh cheez boli, tujhe koi farak kyu nhi pad raha..Kritika reveals how she changed her mind at the last moment  “Aaj woh aayi na Sana thi, keh rahi thi kya hua aur main blazer yaha se press karke gayi, maine deepak ji ko bola aaj hum matching pehnenge, hum dono pink pink hain, maine sana ko jhooth bola, maine usko kaha wo mujhe loose hogya tha, mujhe loose nahi tha woh, mujhe fit the woh, but uska gala bahut deep tha mera man hi nahi hua. Is gharv mein nahi pehen rahi main woh kapde, aadhe kapde to rakh diye maine uparr”. 

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