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Biden: ‘Most World Leaders Urged Me Not to Let Trump Win’ 2024 Elections

Making a forceful case for his re-election, US President Joe Biden has claimed that during his meetings with world leaders, including at the G20 summit in India, almost every one of them told him not to let his predecessor Donald Trump win in 2024 as they feel it would put their democracies in danger.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also joined Biden on Thursday night in New York at the most lucrative fundraiser of the 2024 campaign, warning fellow Democrats that Trump, a Republican, must be defeated.

“Trump says if he loses again again in November, there will be a bloodbath. What the hell is with this guy? No, I’m I’m not no, I’m really serious. It concerns me the most,” Biden said.

“And but whether it’s the G20 meeting in in India or whatever the meeting where there are other heads of state, I am not exaggerating when I say and I say it in front of the press without giving the names almost every one of the world leaders finds an excuse to get me alone for a moment, put their hand on my arm, and say, You can’t let him win. My meaning his country or her country my democracy is at stake. My democracy is at stake, he said.

India hosted the G20 Summit in New Delhi for the first time from September 9-10.

Biden, 81, the incumbent, faced no viable competition for the Democratic nomination. His predecessor in office, Trump, 77, on the other hand easily saw off a crowded field in the Republican primary. Now they are set for a rematch of 2020 in the November 5 elections.

Biden also slammed Trump for walking away from NATO.

“This is a guy who walked away from NATO…told Putin he could do whatever he wants if they’re not paying their dues,” Biden said.

“Just just look at what he’s done. The rest of the world is wondering what in the hell is happening to us. And they’re relieved, not because I’m so special but that I’m not Trump. I’m serious. I wish it was because they thought Biden was such a wonderful guy, ” Biden said amidst laughter.

“I think they respect me. I think they listen to me. But the point is, it’s because they’re scared to death for their countries if he (Trump) were to win again,” Biden said.

All Americans including Democrats, independents, and Republicans should say that there is no place ever for political violence, for physical violence in the country’s political system, he said.

“We’re at a real inflection point in history. Things are changing. This guy denies there is global warming. This guy wants to get rid of not only Roe v. Wade (right to abortion) – by the way which he brags about having done – he wants to get rid of the ability of anyone anywhere in America to have the right to choose. All the things he’s doing are so old,” Biden said.

Clinton said voters should put aside their differences given the stakes of the race.

Clinton accused Trump while in office of taking credit for an economy that had started improving under Obama and said Biden later inherited “a mess” left by Trump.

“Joe is absolutely right that we’ve got not just a nominee, but frankly a party and an entire infrastructure that increasingly seems unconcerned with the essence of America,” Obama said of Trump and Republicans.

“But we also have a positive story to tell about the future,” he said.

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(Source: Business Standard)

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