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Bengaluru Set to Unveil India’s Largest 287-Kilometer Circular Rail Network

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced on Monday that a groundbreaking 287-kilometer circular railway network is in the works to connect Bengaluru with key towns, marking it as the largest network of its kind in India. This ambitious project aims to address the city’s growing transportation needs for the next 40-50 years, providing comprehensive connectivity across seven railway paths.

The proposed circular railway will link Nidvanda-Doddaballapur (40.9 km), Doddaballapur-Devanahalli (28.5 km), Devanahalli-Malur (46.5 km), Malur-Heelalige (52 km), Hejjala-Solur (43.5 km), Solur-Nidavanda (34.2 km), and Hejjala-Heelalige (42 km).

During a press briefing following a railway project review meeting in Bengaluru, Minister Vaishnaw emphasized that the circular railway, in conjunction with the ongoing Bengaluru Suburban Railway Project (BSRP), is positioned as the primary solution to meet the city’s evolving transportation requirements.

To kickstart the project, the government has allocated ₹7 crore for conducting pre-feasibility and alignment studies. Subsequent steps involve the preparation of a detailed project report (DPR) and spot surveys. Minister Vaishnaw clarified that while the suburban railway project is a collaborative effort between the Union and the State, the circular railway and the enhancement of all connecting parts to and from the city will be spearheaded by the Railway Ministry.

The announcement marks a significant stride towards transforming Bengaluru’s transportation landscape and ensuring sustained connectivity for the foreseeable future. The circular rail network is anticipated to revolutionize commuter travel, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution to the city’s transit challenges.

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