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Reliance Industries Partners with BharatBenz to Unveil India’s First Hydrogen-Powered Coach

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, known for its innovative partnerships in developing next-gen technologies, has joined forces with BharatBenz, a subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG and sister company of Mercedes-Benz, to unveil India’s first intercity luxury concept coach powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. With a market value of Rs 17.69 trillion, Reliance Industries is India’s most valuable company, and this partnership is set to revolutionize public mobility in the country.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology for Intercity Luxury Coach

The luxury intercity coach, designed and developed by Reliance Industries, is powered by a state-of-the-art Fuel Cell system, incorporating components from international partners with significant localization. The collaboration aims to bring cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology to India’s public transport sector.

Impressive Performance Specifications

The new coach delivers a gross system power of 127 Kw and a net power of 105 Kw, which is equivalent to 300 HP, comparable to current diesel buses used for intercity applications. With a single hydrogen fill, the intercity bus can travel approximately 400 km, offering a long-distance travel solution between cities powered by clean fuel – Hydrogen.

Trials and Safety Validation

Before its commercial launch, the luxury coach will undergo extensive trials, validation, and safety testing over the next 12 months. This thorough testing process ensures that the technology is optimized for performance and safety standards, meeting the requirements of the Indian market.

A Step Towards Cleaner and Sustainable Mobility

Reliance Industries’ commitment to developing hydrogen-powered technologies aligns with India’s efforts to promote cleaner and more sustainable mobility solutions. By introducing hydrogen fuel cell technology for public transport, the partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a greener environment.

Earlier Initiatives

Reliance Industries has been at the forefront of hydrogen-based solutions. On February 6, the company unveiled India’s first Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine technology solution for heavy-duty trucks, which was flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the India Energy Week in Bangalore.

Reliance Industries’ collaboration with BharatBenz to unveil India’s first intercity luxury concept coach powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards cleaner and more sustainable mobility solutions. The development of this hydrogen-powered coach demonstrates Reliance Industries’ commitment to pioneering cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of the nation and the environment.

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