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Arvind Kejriwal Responds to ED Summons Amidst Controversy

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has addressed the Enforcement Directorate’s summons in connection with the liquor policy case for the third time, citing commitments related to Republic Day preparations and upcoming Rajya Sabha elections. In a letter posted by the Aam Aadmi Party, Kejriwal reiterated his objection to the “motivated” summons, emphasizing the lack of clarity on whether he is summoned as a witness or a suspect in the case.

Kejriwal expressed concerns about the nature of the summons, stating, “The summons appear to be in the nature of fishing and roving enquiry.” He raised questions about being summoned as an individual, in his official capacity as Chief Minister, or as the National Convenor of AAP, demanding transparency in the process.

The Aam Aadmi Party defended Kejriwal’s non-appearance, asserting that the summons aimed to arrest him. Meanwhile, the BJP countered, claiming Kejriwal is “shaking in fear” as he is considered the “kingpin” of the alleged liquor policy scam.

Kejriwal justified his non-compliance by citing engagements related to the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections on January 19, where three seats from Delhi are at stake. Additionally, as Chief Minister, he highlighted responsibilities in planning and preparing for Republic Day events.

While expressing a willingness to cooperate, the CM criticized the Enforcement Directorate’s lack of response to his submissions, accusing the agency of assuming the roles of “judge, jury, and executioner.” He urged the agency to clarify its position, emphasizing concerns about “vested interests” impacting the inquiry.

The AAP questioned the timing of the summons, alleging an intention to arrest Kejriwal ahead of elections. In response, the BJP labeled his excuses as “lame” and asserted that he is aware of an imminent arrest, characterizing him as the key figure in the alleged scam. The controversy surrounding the Enforcement Directorate’s summons continues, adding political tension to the unfolding events.

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