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Anushka Sharma’s Emotional Tribute as Virat Kohli Clinches 50th ODI Century

Virat Kohli made history in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, securing his 50th ODI century and leading India to a resounding 70-run victory against New Zealand in the semifinal clash at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium.

Kohli’s stellar performance, marked by a magnificent 117 runs – his third century in the World Cup – propelled India to a formidable total of 397 for 4. In a remarkable twist, Mohammad Shami’s career-best figures of 7/57 restricted the Black Caps to 327, sealing India’s triumphant path to the finals.

The Wankhede Stadium witnessed not only Kohli’s cricketing brilliance but also the unwavering support of his life partner, Bollywood star Anushka Sharma, who stood by him in the stands. Overwhelmed by Kohli’s achievement, Anushka took to Instagram to express her emotions, hailing him as ‘God’s Child’ in a heartwarming post that quickly went viral.

“God is the best scriptwriter! Utterly grateful to him for blessing me with your love and to watch you grow from strength to strength. You are truly God’s child,” wrote Anushka in her emotional tribute.

Surpassing the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s record for the most ODI centuries, Kohli humbly described the moment as surreal, emphasizing his commitment to the team’s success. In an interview during the break between innings, Kohli acknowledged Tendulkar’s congratulations and shared his focus on playing according to the situation, emphasizing the key to consistency.

The significance of Kohli’s century extended beyond personal achievements, as it marked a watershed moment in India’s wait for a knockout game special from the cricketing maestro. The celebratory atmosphere at the Wankhede Stadium reached its peak when Kohli, battling cramps, expressed his joy with an exuberant jump.

Reflecting on the historic occasion, Kohli acknowledged the presence of Sachin Tendulkar in the stands and gave credit to teammates Shreyas and KL for their contributions. As the captain, Kohli emphasized the team’s collective effort in achieving the remarkable score of 400.

In a touching gesture, Kohli bowed to Tendulkar, creating a poignant moment that resonated with fans in the stadium. With this monumental century, Kohli not only etched his name in cricketing history but also fulfilled the expectations of fans who eagerly awaited a Kohli special in the World Cup knockout stage.

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