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AICTE Launches Comprehensive Curriculum for BBA Programme

The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) launched the comprehensive curriculum for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme. AICTE chairman Prof Sitharam launched the curriculum in the presence of the members of the committee formed to make recommendations for it. The BBA curriculum includes the following salient features:

  1. Flexible duration and structure
  • Flexible duration: three to four years
  • Structured semesters: 6 or 8 semesters, depending on the choice of a 3-year or 4-year degree, providing a well-organised framework for learning
  • Multiple Entry and Exit points: Exit the programme at various stages, accommodating diverse educational paths, career goals and availability of manpower of different maturity and skillsets.
  1. Comprehensive credit distribution
  • 120 credits for a 3-year programme/160 credits for a 4-year (Honours/Honours with Research)
  • Multidisciplinary-Humanities and Social Sciences, Management, Programme Core, Electives
  • Skill enhancement courses, ability enhancement courses, value added courses, Indian Knowledge System
  • Open electives to provide flexibility and breadth of learning
  • Experiential learning through projects, seminars and internships
  • Designed to cultivate well-rounded professionals with practical and industry-ready skills.  
  1. The integrative course structure includes
  • Integrative induction programme
  • Mandatory visits to workshops
  • Expert lectures: Insights from industry professionals/ subjects experts to enrich the educational experience.  
  1. Diverse specialisations and practical exposure

Specialisations in emerging areas through open electives practical experience gained through structured internships project work opportunities to apply through real-world scenarios.

  • Research orientation for Honours students
  • BBA (Honours/Honours with Research) programme
  • Includes dissertation component
  • Preparing students for ethical, social, and organisational leadership

Along with the model curriculum, the AICTE has announced a scholarship for female students in BBA courses at AICTE-approved institutions.

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