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‘AI is a dynamic issue, public should be alert on new tech’: Modi 

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told participants at the 2023 Grand Finale of the Smart India Hackathon that Artificial Intelligence was a dynamic subject that the people needed to be aware of.

When asked about deepfakes, Modi stated, “This (Artificial Intelligence) is a very dynamic issue. If one solution is brought in, the mischievous people will find another way… We have to be very alert on any new technology. It can be very useful if used within rules, but if it is used in the wrong way, it can create a lot of problems. Deep fake videos look completely real… Hence we need to be more alert before believing any photo or video. India is working on creating a global framework for AI.”

Modi said that he was taking constant updates about the students throughout the day and had been waiting to speak to them since Tuesday morning. “I was waiting to talk to all of you since morning. I took updates about you during the day. You all work hard at the Smart India Hackathon but I get the opportunity to learn as well. This is the reason I try to interact with you all whenever there is a Smart India Hackathon.”

Modi spoke on a variety of topics at the event, which was held in Ahmedabad via video conferencing, ranging from the space-tech economy to the transformative phase of Indian Railways.

“Indian Railways is going through a transformational phase,” Modi stated. The Central Government is investing thousands of millions on this, and we are also focusing on logistics. Your creativity will be really beneficial. It made me happy to see students from Bangladesh on your squad. We have launched a ‘Study in India’ initiative to encourage students from other countries to study in India.”

Speaking about the success of India’s Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission, Modi stated, “Because of Chandrayaan-3, India could land on the Moon. It has changed India’s perception across the globe. The coming decade is going to be essential for the space-tech economy.”

Modi also spoke with the students the process of establishing an IoT-based system for Indian Railway Cargo.

When asked about India’s technological capabilities, Modi stated that the country’s objective should be to not need to import any technology. He went on to say that the world was confidence in India’s ability to give low-cost, high-quality, long-term answers to global concerns.

He further said that the problem-solving ability of young innovators and their ingenuity to address complex challenges was remarkable.

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