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After Diwali Celebrations, Three Indian Cities Among World’s Top 10 Most Polluted

In the aftermath of Diwali celebrations, three Indian cities, including New Delhi, have secured positions among the world’s ten most polluted cities, as reported by Tanvi Mehta.

Air Quality Index (AQI) Rankings:

  1. New Delhi: The capital city retained its notorious top spot with an alarming AQI of 407, categorizing it as “hazardous,” according to Swiss group IQAir.
  2. Mumbai: India’s financial capital claimed the sixth position with an AQI of 157.
  3. Kolkata: The eastern city secured the seventh position with an AQI of 154.

Impact of Air Quality Levels: An AQI level of 400-500 is dangerous for healthy individuals and poses a severe threat to those with existing health conditions. Levels in the range of 150-200 bring discomfort to people with asthma, lung, and heart problems, while levels of 0-50 are considered good.

Smog and Enforcement Challenges: Despite annual bans on firecrackers, the thick layer of smog engulfing New Delhi reached an alarming AQI of 680, indicating severe pollution. Lawmaker Saket Gokhale took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a letter where he asked the local police for details on the number of firecracker-related cases and the actions taken against violators. Enforcement of firecracker bans remains a challenge in the face of Diwali celebrations.

Response and Measures: Authorities in northern India grapple with worsening air quality every year as winter approaches, trapping pollutants from various sources. New Delhi’s authorities, in response to the deteriorating air quality, postponed restrictions on vehicle usage after a brief spell of rain. However, the local government remains committed to maintaining the ban on construction activities and keeping schools closed to shield residents from the adverse effects of pollution.

As India continues to combat air pollution challenges, the post-Diwali air quality crisis emphasizes the need for robust enforcement of regulations and sustained efforts to address the sources contributing to the annual pollution spike.

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Source: Reuters

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