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Afghanistan’s Mullah Yaqoob Warns Pakistan of Consequences Amid Refugee Crisis

In a stern warning to Pakistan regarding the ongoing refugee crisis, Mullah Yaqoob, Afghanistan’s interim defense minister and the son of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar, has cautioned that Islamabad will “pay the price for this manmade crisis.” This comes in response to Pakistan’s decision to deport Afghan nationals living in the country without legal status.

Pakistan’s government issued an order that required all Afghan nationals living in the country illegally to leave by November 1. The Taliban government, in turn, labeled this directive as “inhuman” and an act of “harassment.” As of now, approximately 250,000 illegal refugees have been repatriated, with 140,000 others registered. Pakistan is now initiating a “swift search and hunt” for the remaining refugees, and they plan to implement a long-term strategy to address the issue in six months, according to top intelligence sources.

Mullah Yaqoob, in a speech, expressed his disapproval of Pakistan’s actions, emphasizing that forcibly repatriating Afghan refugees is not in the best interest of either country. He stated that Pakistan is well aware of the conditions in Afghanistan and is misusing the situation. Yaqoob further highlighted the injustice of not returning the properties and money earned by Afghan refugees through their hard work in Pakistan. He condemned what he referred to as Pakistan’s “barbaric, one-sided decision” and underlined the detrimental impact this forceful repatriation would have on both sides.

In an official statement, Mullah Yaqoob stressed that Pakistan should not oppress Afghans and should refrain from seizing their personal property. He called for the international community to intervene and prevent the ongoing cruelty. Yaqoob argued that these actions by Pakistan are a violation of human rights, and the United Nations, charitable organizations, and the Islamic Conference should engage with Pakistan to ensure that Afghans can return to their country with dignity.

Mullah Yaqoob’s statements come at a time when the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan is strained, with the former attributing rising suicide bombings and border incidents to the presence of Afghan refugees. The Afghan government has established a high commission, led by Maulavi Abdul Salam Hanafi, to address the issues faced by forcibly deported Afghan refugees. This commission includes 31 high-ranking officials and is dedicated to resolving the challenges associated with the return of Afghan refugees from Pakistan and other countries.

Efforts are being made to provide essential services to the returnees, and a procedure has been outlined for this purpose. Temporary accommodation, identification, transfer, and basic health services will be provided to migrants, ensuring their return to Afghanistan is dignified and secure.

As tensions persist between Pakistan and Afghanistan, with a backdrop of a complex refugee crisis, the consequences of this ongoing situation remain a matter of international concern. The delicate balance between both nations and the fate of Afghan refugees now hang in the balance, adding yet another layer of complexity to the evolving regional dynamics.

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Source: News 18

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