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 A Grand Welcome for the Returning Champions

A Special cake has been prepared by ITC Maurya Hotel on the occasion of Team India’s Victory. The cake resembles the color of Team India’s Jersey. The unique aspect of this cake is that it has been entirely crafted to celebrate Team India’s victory. Team India, the T20 World Cup Champions have returned home. 

Cricket fans are thrilled about Team India’s return. From Delhi Airport to ITC Maurya Hotel, fans are eagerly waiting for their players. Team India received a warm welcome with drums and trumpets at the hotel. A cake has also become a highlight of the celebration. To celebrate Team India’s victory, ITC Maurya Hotel made a special cake in the color of Team India’s jersey.

The cake was specially designed to honor their win. The highlight of the cake is the T20 World Cup trophy on it, which looks real but is made entirely of chocolate. There are special pictures of the players on the cake, along with the BCCI logo. The cake also has the words “Big Winners Congratulations” written on it. W

e have specially prepared breakfast for the World Champion Team India. After their long tour, the players have returned as winners. To celebrate their victory, we’re serving them a special breakfast with their favorite dishes like Chole Bhature. We’ve also included millet dishes and other healthy options to keep them in good shape, says ITC Maurya’s Executive Chef Shivneet Pahoja.  

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