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18-year Google employee resigns, criticizes Pichai and company’s work culture

Google is renowned for offering its workers a plethora of perks and advantages, making it one of the greatest firms to work for. Despite large-scale layoffs, the corporation ended up being one of the best-paying companies last year.

However, not all Google employees are pleased with the company’s current work environment. A former Google employee who had been with the company for 18 years recently resigned because he was dissatisfied with the work atmosphere and the leadership of CEO Sundar Pichai.

In a blog post, the employee discussed his time at Google and how things have evolved over the years.

“I started at Google in October 2005 and resigned 18 years later.” “My last week at Google was last week,” he wrote at the start of the blog.

He then recalled his experience with Google in its early days, when it was a firm that actually cared about doing the right thing for its consumers and society as a whole.

He went on to say that he saw directly how dedicated Google employees were to the company’s objective of organizing the world’s knowledge and making it widely accessible and valuable.

However, the ex-Google employee claims that the internet giant’s work atmosphere began to “erode” over time. For example, he stated that decisions that were earlier taken in the best interests of users were increasingly being made with the objective of maximizing profits in mind. Transparency, which was previously a defining feature of Google’s culture, began to fade. He also stated that the company’s leadership, led by Sundar Pichai, has become increasingly disconnected from the rank-and-file personnel.

In the post, the ex-Google executive also discussed how the business fired off hundreds of employees earlier this year.

The ex-Googler saw it as a watershed moment for the corporation, writing that the layoffs were an unforced blunder “driven by a short-sighted focus on quarterly earnings growth.” He said that the layoffs had a detrimental effect on Google’s culture, eroding trust between employees and management and instilling dread and paranoia among the ranks.

Several ex-Google employees have already detailed their layoff experiences on social media platforms. They said that they were informed of their layoffs abruptly, and that many of them were logged out of their systems. Hundreds of Google workers had also written a letter to Pichai, demanding of a better handling of the layoffs situation.

Returning to the blog post, the former employee stated that, in spite of everything, there are still wonderful individuals working at Google. During his time at Google, he stated he met many smart and motivated people who might make a big impact if given the chance. He concluded the essay on a positive one, stating that Google will one day establish an atmosphere in which these individuals may thrive and the firm will once again fulfill its potential to do good in the world.

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Source: India Today

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