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Three new criminal code laws have unshackled Indian..! – Vice President

The Vice-President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, welcomed the President’s approval to three new criminal code legislation, stating that these new laws have freed India’s criminal justice system from colonial shackles.

He praised the new rules as a significant and revolutionary transformation that the ‘Dand’ Sanhita has now become the ‘Nyaya’ Sanhita, praising them for focusing on justice rather than punishment.

The Vice President made these words while speaking to a group of people during the launch of a special Indian Postal Cover celebrating the 100th anniversary of the late Justice Konda Madhav Reddy, former Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh and Bombay High Courts, and former Governor of Maharashtra.

Observing that the central message of late Justice Konda Madhav Reddy’s life was inclusive society, the Vice President said that we must live by values and create values. “He was a contributor to several important judgments that shaped Indian history and discourse,” VP added.

Referring to Justice Reddy’s agricultural roots, Shri Dhankhar said that “Being a Kisan Putra myself, I am inspired by Justice Reddy’s efforts to alleviate rural struggles through his judgements. He gave a voice to those who were believed to be voiceless.”

As we approach centenary of our Independence in 2047, VP underlined that we must remember the ideals advocated and emphasized by Justice Reddy – service, justice and compassion, as these must form the bedrock of an inclusive society and a vibrant democracy. We must ever continue to believe in them, practice them.

Shri Dhankhar said that our Amrit Kaal is our Gaurav Kaal – for we are laying the firm foundations for a developed Bharat, to reclaim the glory that had made ours the leading nation for many centuries.

Referring to recent affirmative changes in India’s legal landscape such as digitisation of courts and establishment of Commercial Courts, VP expressed confidence that these will have tremendous positive impact on the progress and welfare of the nation. “What is further noteworthy is that under the current Chief Justice of India, the Supreme Court has taken several critical steps including to bring justice to people in their own language,” he further added.

The Vice President highlighted that the face of Bharat we are witnessing today is markedly different from what we have seen even a decade ago. “Just a decade ago we were part of Fragile Five, now we are the 5th largest economy in the world & on the way to become 3rd largest global economy,” he added.

He also praised the passing of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam stating that it marks a long-overdue measure that will give women their rightful space in our democracy.

Referring to the grand success of G-20 summit in New Delhi, VP said the admission of the African Union in G20 under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi is a historic development that indicates the global rise of Bharat.

Expressing happiness over India being on the forefront of developing the latest disruptive technologies, Shri Dhankhar urged the corporates & universities to grab the opportunity and invest in research & development of such disruptive technologies.  It is critical for our national security, he observed.

In his address, VP also cautioned against the tendency when some informed mind, a knowledgeable person trades on ignorance of others to gain political equity. 

Congratulating the Department of Posts & Ministry of Communications, for their opportune initiative and impeccable aesthetics in the design, VP praised the Department of Post for being a salient record-keeper of India’s inspirational and motivational legends. He expressed hope that Justice Konda Madhava Reddy’s life and work will continue to guide and inspire the young minds of today in creating a better and stronger nation as we come together to mould the nation of our dreams at 2047.

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