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New Study Shows Electric Vehicles Could Emit 1,850 Times More Particulate Matter Than Petrol, Diesel Cars

According to a recent study, electric vehicles (EV) may release more particulate matter from brakes and tyres as compared to modern gas-powered cars. According the study by Emission Analytics, the emission could be 1,850 times greater.

The growing concern for climate change has generated immense interest in environment-friendly transportation choices. It is widely believed that EVs are better for the environment than petrol and diesel cars because they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

As per the Emission Analytics report, the EVs’ heavier weight results in tyres to deteriorate faster and release harmful chemicals into the air. Most tyres are made from synthetic rubber derived from crude oil.

The electric vehicles have heavier batteries than petrol engines. This additional weight puts more strain on the brakes and tyres, accelerating wear and tear.

Citing the Tesla Model Y and the Ford F-150 Lightning as examples, the report stated that both the batteries weigh around 1,800 pounds. According to the study, the tyre wear emissions from an electric car with a half-tonne battery could be 400 times higher than the exhaust emissions from a modern petrol car.

Uber urges Europe to continue pressing accelerator on EVs

In another development, Uber has set a goal at the beginning of the decade for 100 per cent of its rides in US, Canadian and European cities to take place in electric vehicles by 2030, Bloomberg reported.

“The stark reality is that Uber will not reach our zero-emission goals without stronger action from policymakers and businesses,” CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in a Fast Company column. “Unfortunately, right at the moment we need to accelerate through the turn, many governments and automakers are slowing down,” he added.

Back when Uber took aim at reaching 100% zero-emission rides in major markets by 2030, the company also committed $800 million to helping drivers transition to EVs by the end of next year.

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