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Modi Government Monetizes Assets Worth Rs 3.85 Lakh Crore

According to the announcement made in the Union Budget 2021-22, the National Monetization Pipeline (NMP) – which lists potential core assets of Central Government Ministries/PSEs for monetization from 2021-22 to 2024-25 – was prepared by NITI Aayog in collaboration with the relevant Infrastructure Ministries.

The NMP included assets with monetisation potential of Rs. 6 lakh crore during the four year period. The total target for the first two years i.e. 2021-22 and 2022-23 under NMP was around Rs. 2.5 lakh crore, against which around Rs. 2.30 lakh crore was achieved. During the financial year 2023-24, against the target of Rs. 1.8 lakh crore, which is the highest among all the four years, the achievement has been around Rs. 1.56 lakh crore. Further, this achievement in 2023-24 is around 159% of the achievement in 2021-22.

In terms of the performance of individual Ministries, in 2023-24, Ministries of Road Transport and Highways and Ministry of Coal were the top two achievers with a total achievement of Rs. 97,000 crore.

To enable the investors plan their investments efficiently and there by accelerate the monetisation process, NHAI has already identified and published an indicative list of 33 assets to be monetised during 2024-25. Further, to increase the success rate of bidding process, NHAI has placed on its website the macro economic assumptions considered for calculation of IECV.

The progress made by Ministry of Coal under NMP would result in increased investment in the coal mining thereby improve energy security of the nation through increased coal production and its supply to the thermal power plants.

With regard to achievement of individual Ministries in 2023-24, Ministries of Road Transport and Highways with Rs 40,314 crore, Coal with Rs 56,794 crore, Power with Rs 14,690 crore, Mines with Rs 4,090 crore, Petroleum and Natural Gas with Rs 9,587 crore, Urban with Rs 6,480 crore, and Shipping with Rs 7,627 crore have achieved more than 70% of the target set for them.

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