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Iraq Protests US Air Strikes, Labeling Them a Breach of Sovereignty

In a recent development, Iraq has strongly denounced a series of US air strikes conducted on its territory, targeting Iran-backed groups accused by Washington of orchestrating attacks against US troops. The strikes occurred during the pre-dawn hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday, drawing sharp criticism from the Iraqi government.

Government spokesperson Bassem al-Awadi expressed disapproval, stating that the military actions were carried out “without the knowledge of Iraqi government agencies,” thereby constituting an “unacceptable violation of Iraqi sovereignty.” This condemnation reflects Iraq’s stance on safeguarding its national autonomy in the face of external military interventions.

While condemning the United States strikes, al-Awadi also took the opportunity to criticize the Iran-backed groups implicated by the Pentagon in at least 32 separate attacks on US targets in Iraq since October 17. He emphasized that any armed actions or activities outside the formal military structure are considered condemnable, branding them as unlawful endeavors that pose a threat to national interests.

The ongoing tensions highlight the delicate balance Iraq faces in managing its relationships with both the United States and Iran, as geopolitical rivalries continue to play out in the region. The situation underscores the challenges of maintaining sovereignty amid heightened security concerns and regional power struggles.

As the international community closely watches these developments, the repercussions of this conflict may have broader implications for regional stability and diplomatic relations. The Iraqi government’s unequivocal condemnation signals the importance of respecting national sovereignty, urging a diplomatic resolution to mitigate further escalation.

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Source: Hindustan Times

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