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Indian Navy Responds Swiftly to Hijacked Malta-Flagged Vessel in Arabian Sea

In a prompt response to a distress call, the Indian Navy has deployed an aircraft and a warship to assist the MV Ruen, a Malta-flagged commercial vessel hijacked in the Arabian Sea. The vessel, with 18 crew members on board, sent the distress call on Thursday, reporting six hijackers. The Navy swiftly diverted a Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft, engaged in surveillance, and a warship dedicated to countering piracy in the Gulf of Aden, to locate and assist the hijacked vessel.

As of Friday, the Naval Maritime Patrol aircraft has been monitoring the movement of MV Ruen, which is currently heading towards the coast of Somalia. The Navy’s warship intercepted the hijacked vessel on the morning of December 16. The situation is under close monitoring in coordination with other agencies in the region.

The Indian Navy emphasizes its commitment to being a first responder in the region, collaborating with international partners and friendly foreign countries to ensure the safety of merchant shipping. The incident highlights the Navy’s ongoing efforts in maintaining maritime security and safeguarding international sea lanes of communication.

A senior officer noted that the Indian Navy has been on a continuous anti-piracy patrol since 2008, contributing significantly to reducing the scourge of piracy in the Arabian Sea. This effort has resulted in various positive outcomes, including lowered maritime insurance rates and improved safety for crews.

Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar, in a recent statement, highlighted the presence of over 50 warships from extra-regional forces deployed in the Indian Ocean Region for missions such as anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden. The Navy remains vigilant in monitoring both traditional and non-traditional security threats, adapting to evolving challenges in the maritime domain.

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