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ICC Suspends Sri Lanka Cricket Amidst Government Interference Concerns

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has officially suspended Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with immediate effect due to extensive government interference in the board’s administration. The suspension, labeled as a stern warning, aims to curb further intervention in SLC’s affairs.

Sri Lanka’s lackluster performance in the World Cup held in India triggered a tumultuous week at home. The suspension comes at a critical juncture, signaling the ICC’s firm stance against external interference in cricket administration. The decision, while officially termed a “suspension,” serves as a preemptive measure to deter future governmental meddling in the running of SLC.

SLC’s vice-president, Ravin Wickramaratne, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The government will have to give 100% assurance that there will be no interference. Otherwise, the suspension will mean that Sri Lanka can’t play cricket.” The move draws parallels to the suspension of Zimbabwe Cricket in 2019, underscoring the ICC’s intolerance towards external influences.

The ICC board convened online to address the situation, highlighting concerns about government interference in various aspects, from administration to finance and matters concerning the national team. The upcoming ICC quarterly meetings in Ahmedabad from November 18-21 will further determine the course of action, with the ICC board reconvening on November 21.

Despite the upheaval, SLC president Shammi Silva retains recognition from the ICC, signifying a complex power play within the cricketing landscape. The suspension follows the attempted ousting of the SLC board by Sri Lanka’s sports minister, Roshan Ranasinghe, who installed an interim committee led by Arjuna Ranatunga. However, Sri Lanka’s courts intervened, reinstating the elected SLC board.

This move marks the second Full Member suspension by the ICC in four years, echoing the suspension of Zimbabwe Cricket in 2019 for similar reasons. Notably, the ICC is treading cautiously in Sri Lanka’s case, ensuring a more measured response compared to the complete shutdown witnessed in Zimbabwe.

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