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“Jawan” Box Office Collections: Shah Rukh Khan’s Film Soars to a Whopping Rs 389 Crores Globally

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest blockbuster, “Jawan,” has taken the global box office by storm, amassing an impressive Rs 389 crores worldwide within a mere three days of release. With Rs 92 crores contributed from the Indian market, the film’s international success continues to soar, promising to cross the monumental Rs 500 crores mark worldwide in just four days. This remarkable achievement cements Shah Rukh Khan’s position as a global superstar.

Stunning Overseas Performance

“Jawan” has demonstrated its stellar performance at the overseas box office, particularly on Saturday, where it grossed a staggering USD 6.80 million (Rs. 56.50 crores). This impressive figure brings the three-day total to USD 17.05 million (Rs. 142 crores) in international earnings alone. The film’s continued success overseas is propelling it towards a projected USD 22 million weekend, solidifying its place among the top-grossing Indian films.

Comparing “Jawan” and “Pathaan”

“Jawan” has followed in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan’s highly anticipated “Pathaan” in terms of overseas performance. While “Pathaan” achieved unprecedented numbers, “Jawan” has maintained strong, albeit expected, collections. Both films now occupy the top spots in international box office rankings, with a considerable gap between them and other releases.

Leading Overseas Markets

Several key overseas markets have contributed significantly to “Jawan’s” remarkable earnings. The Middle East stands out with USD 6 million in total earnings, including an astonishing USD 1.50 million generated in the UAE on Saturday alone. North America has also been a substantial market, amassing USD 5.70 million as of Saturday. In Australia, “Jawan” achieved a milestone by surpassing “Pathaan’s” second-day collections, securing its position as the top Bollywood film for a single day. Despite facing an age-restricted rating in the UK, the film continues to perform well.

Territorial Breakdown for Overseas Box Office Collections

  • US/Canada: USD 5,650,000
  • Middle East: USD 6,050,000
  • Australia: USD 1,025,000
  • New Zealand: USD 215,000
  • Malaysia: USD 350,000
  • Singapore: USD 330,000
  • Nepal: USD 300,000 (approximate)
  • Rest of Asia: USD 400,000
  • United Kingdom: USD 1,280,000
  • Germany: USD 350,000
  • Rest of Europe: USD 800,000
  • Rest of the World: USD 300,000

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